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 Man on dock    Sojourners

This is a place to BE.  Be Heard, Understood, Validated, Honest, Accepted.  We explore relationship with self and others, and process together what is in our hearts. 

We meet 2x/month (day/times/dates depend on the group). 

It is a 6-session commitment, with the option to continue if desired.  $50/session. 

Call Natalie at 980-253-9841 if interested.

  Restoring Women           

A group for women who have experienced trauma, that provides a safe place to explore the damage and pain with relationship and resources for healing and growth.

6 week cycle, only committing to 6 weeks at a time.

RW Newbies learn coping skills and gain an understanding the effects of trauma mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, and physically.

RW Alums go deeper into processing the effects of trauma in relationship with self and others.

Taking applications to for new Restoring Women participants. Please call 980-253-9841if intersted for more info and to receive an application.



Mini-Workshops to BOOST Mood and Sense of Well-Being.  

Coping Skills, Healthy Living, Healthy Relationships, Encouragement, Empowerment for the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Significant Benefit for a Minimal Fee

Especially helpful to those who are not able to commit to regular counseling, or as a supplement to counseling. 


LOVE & CONNECT with OTHERS  *  Sat, May 20, 10-12pm *  $35 Individuals, $60 Couples or You+Friend

For singles, couples, parents, or anyone desiring healthy relationships.  Learn and practice some ways to develop emotional intimacy, deal with conflict, create meaning and strong onds, and shared purpose and direction for your relationships.

RELAXATION SENSEation   *  Thurs, May 25, 6:30-8:15pm  *  $30 Individuals, $55 You+Friend

You go to a spa to detox and relax your body, why not one for your emotions and to restore your soul?  We will participate in relaxation techniques you will be able to take with you and do on your own, using the 5 senses for a SENSEational experience!


UNSTUCK  *  Sat, June 3, 10-11:15am  *  $30 Individuals, $55 You+Friend

Discover freedom from negative life patterns.  We get caught in cycles that trap us emotionally and therefore we repeat the same actions and patterns over and over.  Applicable to nearly all of life, gain understanding of the cycle and how to get out of it.

LOVE & CONNECT SPIRITUALLY  *  Thursday, June 8, 6:30-7:45pm  *  $30 Individuals, $55 You+Friend

Do you struggle to connect with God even though you value doing so?  This Booster is designed to identify and remove emotional barriers to God, understand why bad things happen, and how to connect to God (or Higher Power if you struggle with "God").

LOVE & CONNECT with YOURSELF  *Thurs, June 29, 6:30-7:45pm  *  $30 Individuals, $55 You+Friend

Find it difficult to love yourself?  You are not alone!  This Booster is for everyone who struggles with their sense of self-worth.  (so, everyone)  This is also very helpful for singles who are feeling alone and doubting their worth.  You will learn some key truths about yourself that make you valuable no matter what.  Boost your healthy pride right here!

Register by calling Natalie @ 980-253-9841


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Informal Meet and Greet

Call 980-253-9841 to schedule a 15 minute chat if you would like to meet me and ask questions before scheduling your first session..