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Embrace the journey now.There is life to be discovered!
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The Journey



Natalie Huston is a professional counselor who works with individuals, couples, groups, and workshops in the redemptive process of restoring hope and guiding the journey toward greater wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

She’s passionate about joining others in their struggles and guiding them to live with greater freedom from that which may hinder them from meaningful life.

Her work is primarily focused on emotional, spiritual, and relational wholeness.  She specializes in couples, trauma and abuse, anxiety, depression, spiritual struggles, and life transitions.

Natalie is a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina, with a Master’s in Marriage and Family therapy.  She has specialized training in emotion-focused therapy, trauma therapy, EMDR, sexual abuse recovery, Child-Centered Play Therapy, and Filial Therapy.

She has been a therapist since 2003 with a varied approach, including psychodynamic, narrative, emotion-focused, attachment-focused, and trauma-informed counseling.


What is your approach to therapy?

I consider the whole person throughout the therapeutic process—body, mind, and spirit.  In my emotion-focused, trauma-informed approach I use a variety of methods depending on what each person needs.  I offer practical skills for coping, calming, relationship-building, communication, processing negative emotion, and personal care.  We also process what is happening internally, how it relates to your life story, and how it is impacting your relationships.

Do you take insurance?

I will assist with out-of-network reimbursement.  You will pay the fee at the session, then I will provide the completed paperwork to submit for reimbursement.  The insurance company will then reimburse you directly.  Reimbursement usually takes 6-8 weeks from the time the insurance company receives the appropriate forms.

How do you include Spirituality?

I respect where everyone is coming from on their spiritual journey.  Our life experiences have a dramatic impact on our spiritual beliefs and values.  I meet you where you are in that journey and will address it at the level of desire, comfort, and focus you prefer in your therapeutic process. 

Some do not wish to overtly consider spirituality, and I respect that.  The counseling process though, still has spiritual components as we explore issues of meaning and value.

I have worked with clients who are Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, and more.  Within all religious backgrounds, the experience and practice of one’s beliefs vary.  My spiritual approach in the therapeutic process is not about religion, but about relationship.

I believe we are all part of a grand narrative, and all play a role in this Great story.  Our counseling process focuses on meaning, value, purpose, relationship, and living more fully the way we were meant to live.  I believe in your inherent value and have hope in the redemptive process of a greater power working in us.  We all suffer from a struggle between our dignity (we are glorious people!) and depravity (we are also a mess).  Our negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors illuminate to us the ultimate desires we all have in us to be loved, valued, connected, and have ultimate meaning and purpose.  The counseling process can enable us to reclaim our value, meaning, and purpose in that great narrative.  Hope and healing enable us to move forward into the redemptive story we were made to live.
































I want to offer a place where people can be authentic with their story—honestly exploring both the dignity and the destruction that marks the pages of their lives.  I desire to help people restore what has been marred, and grow what is beautiful. 

My mission is to walk alongside those who long to be restored,

   Offering hope and resources to navigate the journey,

   To see hurting, dark places transformed to meaning and beauty,

   To inspire a journey forward that embraces life with freedom, authenticity, and love.

Supporting people in their journey toward greater wholeness is a privilege, and I am grateful to be invited to be a part of it.  I never cease to be in awe of the transformative work that blossoms in people through the process of becoming more of who they were meant to be.

The path of becoming more whole can be incredibly challenging at times.  I am not here because I have had a perfect path or know all the right turns in life, in the past or currently.  I am here because I care deeply about the heart and spirit of a person becoming free from that which hinders them in being, meaning, and value. 

My own path and exploration has been marked by sorrow, pain, and loss.  It has also been nourished by relationship and meaningful experience.  Some of the greatest meaning, though, has come from facing that which seemed impossible or threatening, and trusting that which was at work in me to bring me toward who I am to become.  But I couldn’t have done it alone.  

We are always becoming.  There is more to discover of both death and life in our stories. 

I will continue to engage with the winters of my life, because there is also a spring and summer, new life to be known. The journey has taught me to persevere and to hope.

You have a story also, marked by both joy and sorrow.  You may wonder if it is worth exploring.  Those who honestly face the sorrows and embrace the joys will experience a rewarding journey.  So much more is gained when you are not alone and have someone else helping to navigate the journey.  We were not made to journey alone, but in relationship.

You can face the rugged, seemingly impossible parts of the path when you have the support you need, and you can experience the redemptive process of your story.  Freedom and restoration, and greater wholeness are worth the journey, and so are you.

A Little About My Journey

I grew up in the Midwest, in several different states.  The Midwest is characterized by its down-to-earth, persevering, genuine people and laid back approach to life... much like how I approach counseling.

I’ve also lived in the northeast and currently in the southeast, which offer mountains, beach, and more sunshine...3 things I did not have in the Midwest and most certainly enjoy now. 

I have been married since 1999 and we have one son.  I am grateful for my very spirited son who teaches me and challenges me with his very unconventional ways of thinking and being.  I am grateful for my husband, who joins me in this crazy journey of life by overcoming our mountains together and committing through thick and thin to striving toward the good together.

I love the beach, exploring new places, the arts, and being with people.  I love to travel and explore new places and cultures.  I have traveled extensively throughout the States.  I’ve been to 6 other countries outside of the US, most for the purpose of serving people.  I would love to travel the whole world.  I appreciate differences of expression, uniqueness, beauty, ways of living, and expanding my understanding of others.

How I Became a Therapist

I was actually studying music in college, but after a couple of years I felt dissatisfied.  I realized that although I love music, it was not what most fit me career-wise.  After a process of exploration, I became more aware of how I am designed, and I began to focus on my greater passion—people.

Trauma was a focus of mine even when I was young, watching shows and reading books that told stories of people overcoming immense challenges.  I was particularly interested in trauma-oriented classes in college.  I have participated in therapy groups in which we explored the injuries in our own life stories, and early in my career I saw many clients with trauma.  I have attended multiple conferences and trainings on relationships, abuse, and trauma by experts like Dan Allender, Sue Johnson, and Bessel van der Kolk.  These experiences have given me greater understanding of how to help others and use my passion for unburdening them from their trauma, resulting in life restoration.

What I Value


With God, self, and others.


The core of our being, meaning, and value.


Being loved for who we really are and encouraged to become more of who we are meant to be is the most meaningful kind of relationship.

 Beauty and Creativity

In living and being, through the arts and in the hearts of people.

 Meaningful Life

Knowing what I do matters and brings life to others.

 Freedom and Growth

The freedom to choose good, to be myself, make mistakes, and to become.


Is there is a longing in you being stirred to engage with your own life story, individually or your story as a couple?