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     Restoring Women

A restorative group for women who've experienced Shame, Violation, Harm, Abuse, Powerlessness, or Betrayal--Emotionally, Spiritually, Sexually, or Relationally.  A place for women to explore and process the impact of trauma and journey toward healing.  Learn coping skills, receive whole-person care, and discover restoration.

Group starting Feb/March

To get started, contact me and I will answer any questions about the group. 

A pre-group interview is required, and that can be set up when you call if desired.

For more information, call Natalie at 980-253-9841.


Offering Counseling in the Ballantyne Area

October 2018: Restoring Journeys is now joined with Grace Healing Journey, a newly-developing group practice who shares my mission of caring for the whole person--body, mind, and spirit.  GHJ specializes in trauma and relationships, particularly sexual trauma, couples, betrayal, and attachment.  We offer individual, couples, group, workshops, and intensives.


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Informal Meet and Greet

Call 980-253-9841 to schedule a 15 minute chat if you would like to meet me and ask questions before scheduling your first session..