Counseling the Whole Person--Body, Mind, and Spirit.



What is your approach to therapy?

I consider the whole person throughout the therapeutic process—body, mind, and spirit.  In my emotion-focused, trauma-informed approach I use a variety of methods depending on what each person needs.  I offer practical skills for coping, calming, relationship-building, communication, processing negative emotion, and personal care.  We also process what is happening internally, how it relates to your life story, and how it is impacting your relationships.

Do you take insurance?

I will assist with out-of-network reimbursement.  You will pay the fee each session, then I will provide the document necessary to submit for reimbursement.  The insurance company will then reimburse you directly.  Reimbursement usually takes 6-8 weeks from the time the insurance company receives the appropriate forms.  

Make sure your insurance provider allows for out-of-network reimbursement.  Most government and state health plans do not provide any out-of-network reimbursement (i.e. Medicare/Medicaid, disability, state employees plans).

How do you include Spirituality?

I respect where everyone is coming from on their spiritual journey.  Our life experiences have a dramatic impact on our spiritual beliefs and values.  I meet you where you are in that journey and will address it at the level of desire, comfort, and focus you prefer in your therapeutic process.

Some do not wish to overtly consider spirituality, and I respect that.  The counseling process though, still has spiritual components as we explore issues of meaning and value.

I have worked with clients who are Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, and more.  Within all religious backgrounds, the experience and practice of one’s beliefs vary.  My spiritual approach in the therapeutic process is not about religion, but about relationship.

I believe we are all part of a grand narrative, and all play a role in this Great Story.  Our counseling process focuses on meaning, value, purpose, relationship, and living more fully the way we were meant to live.  I believe in your inherent value and have hope in the redemptive process of a greater power working in us.  We all suffer from a struggle between our dignity (we are glorious people!) and depravity (we are also a mess).  Our negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors illuminate to us the ultimate desires we all have in us to be loved, valued, connected, and have ultimate meaning and purpose.  The counseling process can enable us to reclaim our value, meaning, and purpose in that great narrative.  Hope and healing enable us to move forward into the redemptive story we were made to live.